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Easy Return
Our refund policies are listed below. Please go through them before you place the order:
1. We are not responsible for any damage to the products after the delivery hence there will be no refund.
2. If the order is damaged during the course of the delivery, we will consider a partial or complete refund depending upon the extent of damage.
3. Late deliveries will not be considered as a basis for refund.
4. If there is any complaint regarding the quality of perishable items, we will not consider refunding the price of the order
5. Even if orders are delivered with a neighbor, the right address is not provided, or the premises are locked, it will be considered as executed. No refund will be made in this case.
6. Please note that refunds are only applicable in genuine cases. GIRONA Entertainment will surely take these into account and if there is any discrepancy from our side, we will consider a full or partial refund depending upon the circumstances.